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Assistive Devices

Assistive Devices

Assistive devices can make a significant difference in your recovery. Not only do they ensure that you’re not overextending yourself, but they can make everyday activities just a little bit easier as you recover from your injury or ailment. Check out some of the devices below and click on the links to watch helpful videos.

Slingshot/Shoulder Sling

  • Learn about the slingshot - 
  • How to fit your slingshot - 

T Scope Elbow Premier

  • How to fit your hinged elbow brace - 

Knee Bracing

T Scope Knee Brace

  • Learn about the T Scope Knee Brace
  • How to fit your hinged knee brace - 

Fusion Knee Brace

  • Learn more about the Fusion Knee Brace - 
  • How to fit your Fusion Knee Brace

Axiom Elite Knee Brace

  • How to fit your Axiom Elite Knee Brace - 

PTO (Patellar Tracking Orthosis) Brace

  • How to fit your PTO Knee Brace - 
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